What is Student Services?

The role of the Student Services department is to provide services and programs that enhance the school experience for students, staff, and families. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Creating school-wide systems to address academic, behavioral, and mental health needs

  • Building school culture

  • Creating academic, behavioral, and social/emotional interventions

  • Discipline and behavior management

  • Mental health and counseling support

  • Training for parents and staff

  • 504 plan case management



Karissa (Lexie) Pivirotto-Britton

School Psychologist

Ms. Pivirotto-Britton (Ms. P) is responsible for assessment for special education, behavior support, counseling for IEP students at Tier II, consultation and collaboration with teachers and staff, and systems-level building.

Contact Ms. Pivirotto-Britton for questions related to special education and assessment, counseling for students on IEPs, and behavior support/parent consultation.


Salam Mustafa


Leticia Becerra-Ramos


Brianna (Bri) Tarpey

Dean of Students


Ms. Mustafa is responsible for discipline and behavior support, attendance, and systems-level building.

Contact Ms. Mustafa for questions related to discipline, SHINE club, and attendance. 

Guidance Counselor

Ms. Ramos is responsible for college and career guidance, counseling for general education students, 504 Plan coordinator, coordinating with counseling interns, counseling groups, and systems-level building.

Contact Ms. Ramos for questions related to 504 Plans, counseling requests for general education students, and questions related to career and college guidance. 

Tier III ERMHS Therapist

Ms. Tarpey is the therapist for a small number of identified students on IEPs who require intensive behavior and social/emotional support. She also helps with systems-level building.

Contact Ms. Tarpey for questions if your student is receiving support through the Tier III program. Otherwise, requests for counseling or social/emotional support should go to Ms. Ramos or Ms. Pivirotto-Britton.